Kathleen Loock’s new book Hollywood Remaking was displayed at the SCMS Book Exhibit.

Kathleen Loock’s new book, Hollywood Remaking: How Film Remakes, Sequels, and Franchises Shape Industry and Culture, was displayed at the SCMS Book Exhibit, March 14-17, 2024.

From the inception of cinema to today’s franchise era, remaking has always been a motor of ongoing film production. Hollywood Remaking challenges the categorical dismissal in film criticism of remakes, sequels, and franchises by probing what these formats really do when they revisit familiar stories. Kathleen Loock argues that movies from Hollywood’s large-scale system of remaking use serial repetition and variation to constantly negotiate past and present, explore stability and change, and actively shape how the film industry, cinema, and audiences imagine themselves. Far from a simple profit-making exercise, remaking is an inherently dynamic practice situated between the film industry’s economic logic and the cultural imagination. Although remaking developed as a business practice in the United States, this book shows that it also shapes cinematic aesthetics and cultural debates, fosters film-historical knowledge, and promotes feelings of generational belonging among audiences.

You can order Hollywood Remaking here. Use code UCPSCMS on the UCP website to save 40% on your copy.

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