Conference Papers on the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES project at the HoMER Conference

Kathleen Loock, Alejandra Bulla, and Stefan Dierkes of the HOLLYWOOD MEMORIES project are part of the panel “Hollywood Memories: Film Consumption and Reception Practices in Germany and Mexico” at this year’s HoMER conference in Barcelona.

HoMER (History of Moviegoing, Exhibition, and Reception) is an international research network founded in 2004. The goal of the network is to advance understanding of the international phenomena of moviegoing, exhibition in movie theaters, and the reception of films.

Kathleen Loock will give a talk on “Hollywood memories and movie generations: A cross-cultural, comparative approach.” Alejandra Bulla’s talk is on “The dominance of Hollywood movies in Mexico: remakes, sequels, and franchises as cultural reference points,” and Stefan Dierkes’ talk is on “Curiosity, comfort, and commerce: Hollywood remaking and the reception of German audiences.”

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